Facebook Custom Audiences can ignite your small business!

Natalie Hannaford

Natalie Hannaford

March 15 • 5 minute read

These days most business owners know how to boost top performing posts on their Facebook page, or set up a simple advert. But there are so many more effective ways to target your prospects on Facebook, ensuring you get most bang-for-your-buck.

This is where the genius of Facebook Custom Audiences comes into it’s own. Business owners who harness it’s power will quickly get more exposure to the perfect, ideal prospect(s) and start monetising traffic both on and off Facebook.

If you’re not already using Power Editor, you’ll need to start using it in order to start creating different custom audiences.

There a few different types of custom audiences already available, and Facebook is regularly increasing them:

  • Customer List: This is your own database of your prospects’ emails, phone numbers or Facebook User ID’s. Once you’ve uploaded your database, Facebook will use the data it holds (on it’s users) and find/locate your prospects and match it to people on Facebook.
  • Website Custom Audiences: This is an incredibly useful tool meaning that you can track the visitors on your website and display adverts to them (when they’re on Facebook) according to the action, or pages, they’ve visited on your website. To utilise this you simply need to install a small piece of coding (base code) into the pages of your website, which will track people visiting your site for up to 180 days.
  • App Activity Custom Audiences: If your business has an app associated with it, this custom audience will really benefit you. Here you can create audiences based on what actions people take when they use your add on a mobile or desktop.
  • Engagement Custom Audiences: You can create audiences of those who engage with certain ad types or your business page. The duration of these ad types is up to 365 days, although the more recent the better to save the prospect going ‘cold’… it is ‘engagement’ after all.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Once you’ve created a Custom Audience (see above), you can tell Facebook to find you more people who ‘look like’ and match the characteristics of the people in the original audience. Facebook will use markers like age, gender, interests. Usually the list created is much bigger than the original list, and most likely these people have never interacted with your business before.


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When creating a Website Custom Audience you’ll need to integrate a standard event code into your base pixel code. You can customise your standard event to match whatever desired action, you’d like the prospect to take, whilst on a particular webpage. As a result, the base pixel code on each of your webpages will remain the same, but the standard event code you add to each page will differ.

Example: On Webpage ‘A’ you may want your prospect to fill out a web form for more information; Here the standard event code you’d use would track the number of ‘complete registrations’. On Webpage ‘B’ you might want to track when a person views this page; here you’d use an event code which tracks when the prospect visits a certain page URL.

Here are the different standard event codes you can track using the pixel:

  • ViewContent: Track key page views
  • Search: Track searches on your website
  • AddToCart: Track when items are added to a shopping cart
  • AddToWishlist: Track when items are added to a wishlist
  • InitiateCheckout: Track when people enter the checkout flow
  • AddPaymentInfo: Track when payment information is added to the checkout flow
  • Purchase: Track purchases or checkout flow completions
  • Lead: Track when a prospect purchases of completes the checkout flow
  • CompleteRegistration: Track when a registration form is completed

2 Simple Ways To Boost Your Campaigns With Custom Audiences

1. Grow Your Facebook Page’s Likes (Cheaply)

Simply create a Facebook Ads campaign targeted to a Custom Audience containing all your contacts and invite them to like your page.

Make sure that you avoid wasting money by excluding your existing likers from your campaign.

2. Regain Lost Customers

How many times have you discovered a great website or product, only to forget about it shortly after leaving the page? This clearly happens often – so it might be the case for your customers to.

Solve this by creating a Custom Audience with a list of all the people who have bought something in the past, but haven’t bought anything for a while, and target them with your new products or services.

So, there are the basics of Facebook Custom Audiences and their application in your business.

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