Facebook Earnings Released

Katie Dodshon

Katie Dodshon

February 11 • 3 minute read

The first thing we can say about the latest Facebook earnings report is that Facebook is certainly not dead. With more modernised social platforms out there, it is easy to presume that Facebook may be becoming outdated not used by many. They now have the facts and figures to prove us wrong.

Facebook’s total revenue in comparison from 2017 and 2018 shows an increase of 37%. This revenue is mainly generated by paid advertising and other payments are not specified.

There were rather controversial concerns surrounding Facebook and the changes to the content on the News Feed. Wall Street Investors came up with the theory that consumers would spend less time on the platform if the content was not what they are there to see.

“Our community and business continue to grow,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “We’ve fundamentally changed how we run our company to focus on the biggest social issues, and we’re investing more to build new and inspiring ways for people to connect.”

The style of content on the platform is changing, and the platform is aiming to shift the focus away from advertising and news, and focus more towards user-generated content.

When Facebook first landed on the scene, the idea was to keep up to date with your friends and family, however over the years more and more social content has evolved and landed on the Facebook news feed such as memes, vines and other humorous content posted by viral pages. The new aim is to move away from this and connect users with their friends.

Despite the concerns surrounding content, the latest Fourth Quarter press release proves users are still very much engaged with Facebook:

  • DAILY ACTIVE USERS – 1.52 billion by December 2018, showing an increase of 9% year-over-year.
  • MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS – 2.32 billion by December 2018, showing an increase of 9% year-over-year.

Although Facebook claim to be shifting the focus from advertisements, it is clear that the majority of revenue is gained here, especially on mobile advertising. Out of all advertising revenue Facebook earn, Mobile Advertising alone represented 93% of this for the fourth quarter of 2018.

The article states: “We estimate that around 2.7 billion people now use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger (our “Family” of services) each month”. This certainly proves Facebook is not going anywhere any time soon!

In other positive Facebook news, changes to Facebook have brought a huge benefit to charitable causes. The birthday charitable donation opportunity Facebook gives users has raised £1billion for amazing causes.

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