Hulu has teamed up with the World Record Egg as part of a genius Mental Health campaign.

Katie Dodshon

Katie Dodshon

February 04 • 3 minute read

Remember the world record egg? The egg that beat Kylie Jenner’s crown for the most liked picture on Instagram. It’s started to crack…

The egg that reeled in 52.1 million likes was the most exciting thing to happen on Instagram. But did we expect to hear anything else from the World Record Egg?

On 18th January, a few weeks after gaining so much social media attention, the egg account posted another picture of the egg appearing to crack… Since the more pictures of the egg were posted, each time the egg was cracking more and more.

Us as a social media marketing agency immediately started pulling together our theories. Have a company such as Cadbury’s bought the egg as a marketing campaign for Easter? We were waiting for a Creme Egg to hatch out of there in a few weeks.

Either that, or the egg has been created by a company as part of a genius and elaborate marketing plan. We’d be so sad for not thinking of that one first 😩

Turns out we were all wrong and the egg has actually been brilliantly used to raise awareness of mental health issues surrounding social media.

The last picture was posted 2 days ago, with the egg depicting a  football, with the caption: “The wait is over 😅 All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl 👀 Watch it first, only on @hulu.”

Of course, you need to sign up to Hulu to watch the reveal, this wasn’t on Instagram.

A series of teaser posts were posted by Hulu such as the below tweet, so get people intrigued for the big reveal.

The video turned out to be an animation of the egg, stating that “I am starting to crack, the pressure of social media is getting to me”. This campaign is an extremely clever mental health awareness campaign, which sends the message that anyone can feel pressure on modern social platforms.

From a marketing perspective, if the world record egg was initially created as part of this campaign, it is absolutely genius. The account gained a huge 10 million followers who would see the end message on their Instagram feed automatically, not to mention the other population of Instagram who were continually searching for updates on this egg.

It has been revealed that mental health will be the first of several causes the egg will promote and talk about.

The person behind the egg has also been revealed. Chris Godfrey, working at a London based advertising agency was identified as the voice behind the account.

What’s your thoughts on the marketing of this campaign? We thought it was absolutely cracking…

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