With Love from Millennials : The Video that Kick-started our Obscure Humour

Danielle Pratt

Danielle Pratt

March 06 • 2 minute read

It’s April 14th 2007, it’s been a year since the bravest of us all (Leeroy Jenkins) charged into battle and you’re still a month away from becoming victim to what would turn into a ‘Rickroll’ epidemic. You settle down to watch Saturday Night Live; little do you know that the classic short shown in this episode would warm your humour forever…

Dear Sister AKA The Shooting is a short satire piece written by The Lonely Island – you know the guys from ‘I’m on a Boat’ and other hilariously, classic songs I won’t name in this blog. In the clip, the comedy troupe parody the dramatic, season two finale of the OC with all of the characters being theatrically shot repeatedly to the soundtrack of ‘Hide and Seek’ by Imogen heap.

After airing, the skit was quickly further mimicked by Youtuber ‘TubeKatt’ and the meme began to permanently lodge itself in young peoples humour. Now – over ten years later – the short which the OC’s creator Josh Schwartz described as the ultimate tribute, is still moulding the things millennials find funny and making us laugh without really understanding why.

Mmmmm whatcha say about that? And if you don’t know what we’re talking about then get watching the clip here:

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