Top 10 Reasons To Create A Business LinkedIn Group

Natalie Hannaford

Natalie Hannaford

June 19 • 4 minute read

LinkedIn Groups are by far the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn. Without doubt! Especially with the new GDPR regulations, direct emailing can seem like a minefield. However keeping in contact with your audience has never been easier than with LinkedIn.

Few business harness the power of LinkedIn Groups. Here’s the Top 10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a LinkedIn Group:

  1. Become a Leader
    When you join a group one of the first things you see is the name of the ‘owner of the group’. By being the founder of your own group it builds up your credibility and makes you seem like a leader, who should be followed. Underpin this theory with great; valuable content and your community with support you.
  2. Connects Like Minded People
    As humans, it’s in our nature to build communities and form valuable relationships. By creating your own niche community and reward like minded people, positively reinforcing their place in the group, the more people will look up to you.
  3. Traffic Generator
    When you create your group you can add a website link to group profile – thereby generating traffic. Here are a few other ways to drive traffic to your LinkedIn Group:
  • Add the site RSS feed to the news section
  • Send a weekly message to your group, and include a niche related article from your site
  • Add your website link into the Welcome Message (that new members can receive upon initially joining)
  • Create a discussion and include your link
  1. Builds a Personal Network
    Because people love to connect with leaders, then seeing that you founded your own group leads people to believe that you’re an influential, valuable person to follow. As a result people will look to connect with you.
  1. Send Weekly Messages
    I believe this is hands-down the most powerful tool within LinkedIn Groups. If you have lots of connections, in and/or on LinkedIn, by creating a group you can combine your audiences into one place.Instead of having to spend hours (and lots of money) on email marketing, you could simply send one email, each week to all your group members.Although you can’t brand your emails (like you would using an automated email marketing software), you can still get your message out there.
  1. Create Auto-Responder Emails
    When creating the LinkedIn Groups feature, they were savvy enough to create the ability to auto-email new group members. This stops you having to spend hours emailing new members one-on-one.The Welcome Email will auto send an email to the new members’ email account (not their LinkedIn account).Utilise this feature by including it in your sales funnel. The Welcome Email should:
  • Tell them about a little more about the group
  • Show them where they can get more info
  • Link to sign up to your newsletter
  • Connect to you on other social networking sites
  1. Lead Generator
    This is the Law of Reciprocity at it’s best. The more you give the more you’ll receive. Within your group you should try to help people achieve their goals as often as possible. Whether that means posting job leads, referrals, valuable/helpful content etc.
  2. Create Hyper Relevant Sub Groups
    Perhaps you have several niches? If you do then you’ll love this feature! Within LinkedIn Groups you can add up to 10 different sub groups. This means that instead of sending out a blanket message/content to all of your group members you can segment your audiences, ensuring that you’re only sending the most relevant content to people.
  3. Manage Content
    You can remove individuals or delete inappropriate content. If it’s not helping you further your LinkedIn Group, then remove it. Simple.
  4. Help Others & Create Raving Evangelists
    Helping your members achieve their goals will ultimately pay dividends for the group leader too. So, wherever possible try to help your members and you’ll not only create a great group, but you’ll have raving evangelists, screaming about how great you are to their friends/colleagues.

So, in summary, if you’re looking to get a tonne of new customers and leads, then you should be bold and create your own LinkedIn group.

Here at Viral Effect we can manage your LinkedIn profile and create and manage your very own LinkedIn Group. Contact us for a bespoke consultation.

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