How ‘Ultimo’ Triggered 3 Easy Ways to Rock LinkedIn

Natalie Hannaford

Natalie Hannaford

March 08 • 5 minute read

Here’s a story that I think highlights what I want to say about LinkedIn… A few years back I went to a massive sales and marketing super conference in London; Mastering Facebook adverts, email follow up campaigns, the psychology of buying and everything in between.

The headline speakers were power hitters in the business community, accompanied by more commonly recognised celebrities like Ruby Wax, Paul McKenna and Michelle Mone (founder of Ultimo Lingerie).

They talked of their typical ‘rags to riches’ stories. The common theme throughout it all was their constant perseverance to get in front of their target audiences/key people; be that the CEO of a manufacturing company, a booker for comedy gigs or financiers.

One story that stuck out was Michelle Mone’s determination to get a meeting with the Head Honcho of a key business. She tried everything to get past the particularly protective receptionists. Nothing worked. Eventually she decided enough was enough, so, whilst very heavily pregnant, she hotfooted it down to London (from Scotland) and commenced a ‘sit in’, demanding a meeting. Funnily enough it got the attention of the business owner and they granted her a meeting that day.

Whether you’re a high-flying exec, a celebrity, or a normal everyday person looking to get more attention; The message is the same; be everywhere, as often as possible. Be totally un-ignorable – just like Michelle!

This got me thinking about businesses today. In the world of social media marketing there’s a constant stream of platforms that businesses now have to master in order to grab the attention of their target audience, whether that’s the end consumer or a business contact.

LinkedIn is the only business-related social media platform. Unlike the easy interfaces of Facebook and Twitter etc, it can be a real minefield. But it can also be fabulous (and easy!) when it comes to getting ‘noticed’ by your target audience.

However typically people can work out how to whack up a quick, simple social profile. Add the relevant information and photos etc; but are then at a loss as to what to do next.

So, to make your LinkedIn profile ‘un-ignorable’ here are 3 super easy ways to get noticed on LinkedIn and attract your target audience to you… Relentlessly!

Create a Strong Profile Headline

Creating a strong headline is key to being found online. Create a strong enough headline and it’ll be searchable not only on LinkedIn, but also on other search engines too.

Rather than just adding your current job description (like 99% of people do), instead think about adding your keywords or a keyphrase (that your ideal audience would type into a search engine to find someone like you) into the headline.

Make the headline compelling by briefly stating the problem that you can solve for someone if they work with you/your business. Quickly outline the problem, agitate the problem and then make it clear how you can solve that issue.

Customise your profile URL

Recently LinkedIn have started allowing people to customise their profile URL; this is an epic development in terms of exploding your exposure to your target audience.

Currently a standard URL will be something like[your name]. With this new, but incredibly simple feature, you should add in your top keyword or key phrase, which people would input into a search engine to find you.

Your URL is searchable in LinkedIn as well as other search engines; so it’s a really quick win for extra traffic to your profile.

And if you’ve created a really strong, compelling headline, once this extra traffic lands on your profile they’ll be enticed into taking more notice of you. Again making you irresistible.

Use hash tags in your LinkedIn posts

Way back when LinkedIn was previously snooty about other more ‘social’ networks. LinkedIn purported to be a step above the rest of the social media world; they believed they were a ‘premium’, business-focused platform.

More recently their stance has softened, to the point where they’ll now allow users to add hash tags to posts, making them searchable.

So next time you create a post on your LinkedIn profile, add in hash tags.

It’s a really quick way to get even more traffic, by just utilising a really small tweak into your existing activities.

These are 3 really quick and simple tactics to make you/your business unavoidable, whether people are searching in LinkedIn or on another social platform or search engine.

To be noticed these days you have to be everywhere on social media (or at least create the illusion that you are); Just like Michelle Mone, she made her business unavoidable and now she sits on a multi-million pound fortune.

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