Create stunning photographs with your iPhone camera

Katie Dodshon

Katie Dodshon

August 05 • 3 minute read

Not many people realise the full potential of an iPhone camera. There is more to the camera app than a simple point and shoot to take a photo. Get to know your camera app and make full use of all those hidden features that will make your photos perfect.

Change your exposure

We all tap the subject we want to take a picture of on the screen of our iPhone, but many don’t realise that you can also set the exposure this way too. This means you can alter how light or dark you’d like the image. To do this, all you need to adjust is the brightness symbol that looks like a sun at the top of the screen.

Lock focus and exposure

iPhones automatically focus when the camera is aimed at a focal point, or will have a wide focus to capture the full image clearly. You can choose what you lock the focus on and also change the exposure while you’re at it. To do this, tap and hold the screen until the grid appears – here you can lock onto the focus point of your photograph to make it extra crisp, clear and perfectly exposed.

External Shutter

When taking a photograph on an iPhone, many resort to tapping the white circle on the screen, which can result in a slight wobble of the phone and a slightly less quality result. To get around this, you can also take the photograph using the volume buttons on the side of the phone or even on an earphone set. Our top tip – perch the phone somewhere steady with earphones inserted, then when you’ve got your shot lined up, simply click the volume button on your earphones to take a completely steady photo. If you don’t have a set of earphones you can always use the iPhone camera’s self timer feature.

Burst Mode

if you’re wanting to capture a unique fleeting moment perfectly, but don’t want to risk missing it, you can use burst mode. Simply aim your camera where you’d like to capture the images, then press and hold the shutter. The camera will then take multiple photos until you take your finger off the shutter. This can take up a lot of memory but all the discarded photos can be easily deleted once you get that perfect shot!

Portrait Mode

If you want to make things look extra smooth and professional, you can make use of the portrait mode feature. This simply takes the focal point and blurs out the rest of the background, making your focus appear more sharp and clear. As widely misconstrued, this can also be used when the camera is taking a landscape photo.

We hope this little how-to has given you some handy tips and tricks for next time you’re capturing that all important shot on your phone! Happy shooting 📸

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