Love Island, Instagram and Influencer Marketing

Katie Dodshon

Katie Dodshon

June 07 • 3 minute read

Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing, by social media users. The rise of social media and Instagram especially has paved the way for this particular type of marketing.

The way influencer marketing works is pretty simple. If an Instagram user has a large number of followers, generally over the 10k mark, businesses will approach this user and request that they promote their product on their page, for a fee of course. Depending on the amount of followers the influencer has shapes the price they can charge. It will usually cost a business £1,000 per 100,000 followers an influencer has, meaning Instagram users soon rack up the £££ in return for a simple post on the ‘gram.

Most reality television stars who have built their followers up tend to turn to sponsored Instagram posts as a way of making some extra cash. A prime example of this is Love Island contestants after leaving the villa. The contests of the show slowly leave the villa and start the ‘next step’ of their Instagram career, promoting products for businesses to their followers. Contestants of the show are reportedly paid £250 per week to be on the show, however their real money comes afterwards through Influencer marketing.

Love Island’s popularity goes without saying, with millions tuning in to see the night’s drama and following their favourite Islanders ready to keep tabs on what they get up to when they leave the villa. This makes the perfect scenario for a business to contact the star and get their products on their feed. A win for the business and a win for the Influencer.

But just how effective is Influencer Marketing?

Using this method allows brands to reach a wider and more targeted audience. Influencers help to drive awareness of a brand, provide incentive to buy for potential consumers of the brand and sometimes leads to potential partnerships and campaigns which bring in the big bucks.

For example, many online clothing lines such as Pretty Little Thing and In The Style tend to team up with reality stars, giving them some clothes to wear and promote for a fee. This can sometimes lead to certain stars producing their own clothing line for these brands, bringing in more sales for the brand and the influencer too.

While the promotional concept can be great for influencer and brand, a lot of uncertainty lies in whether or not consumers find this form of marketing trustworthy and reliable. Many would buy a product if they look up to the celebrity promoting it, however it is hard to fall into the trap of thinking influencers are using the products they promote. Consumers must do full research on a product before purchasing it via Instagram.

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