Social media strategies: How beneficial can they be for your business?

Katie Dodshon

Katie Dodshon

May 30 • 3 minute read

As a digital agency, we understand the benefits of a successful social media strategy. In the modern day, it is so important to have a bold and memorable online presence – not only to rise above competitors, but also to grasp the attention of your potential audience.

It is important to understand this post is about social strategies – not just simply being present on social media. A lot of businesses will create their channels and post impulsively, thus thinking they are on the digital marketing radar. Having a strategy or a plan in place will ensure posting is diverse, exciting and engaging.

To ensure you’re doing a good job, keep things strategical and organised. Here’s how this is done and why.

Reach goals quicker: 

The first step in coming up with a plan for your socials requires outlining the benefits you want to get out of the end result. Consider why you’re improving your social presence in the first place. Once these goals are mapped out, the strategy will have direction. Loose posting is a big mistake in the world of digital marketing as content will appear inconsistent and lacking real ambition. Solidifying aims will allow content to be produced around them.

Define your brand: 

Before any content is posted, a clear brand guideline must be created. This means your feed will appear organised and remain professional. Come up with a colour scheme, font and tone of voice, then stick to it. Clear branding will help your business stick in the minds of consumers, especially if content is eye-catching and suitable.


Having a clear plan in place will allow time to create the best content for your brand in advance. Knowing what is going to be posted will bring peace of mind and allow you to focus on your business rather than fishing for a random, off-the-cuff social post to remain ‘relevant’. Having a strategy in place will ensure you remain active on your social channels consistently, which is ultimately the most important part of social media marketing.

Ability to measure results and improve: 

Posting consistently across social channels will make it easier to measure which content works best for your business. Strategies allow room for testing different types of content in an organised and efficient manner. Once you find the content that works for you, your strategy is even more finely tuned to suit your needs. Having the time to measure your content will also give you chance to consider other ways to improve such as introducing ad budgets to increase your results further, rather than just relying on an organic reach.

All of this tied together should ensure you are using your social channels to their optimum capability.

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